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The 11th International Congress for Stereology - Beijing Conference (XI ICS-Beijing)

NEW 15/8/03 - Second Circular of the XI International Congress - Beijing Conference (pdf file)

November 4-8, 2003 (originally scheduled for August 24-28, 2003, has been rescheduled)

Beijing, China

Sponsored by: International Society for Stereology
Organized by: Chinese Society for Stereology

The 11th International Congress for Stereology - Beijing Conference (XI ICS-Beijing) is a satellite conference of the XI ICS organized and sponsored in Beijing, China, by the Chinese Society for Stereology (CSS) authorized by both the International Society for Stereology (ISS) and the program committee of the XI ICS, in conjunction with the 10th Chinese National Conference of Stereology and Image Analysis. It is also the first important ICS meeting held in China. The CSS is trying her best to make it a historical event for the International Society for Stereology as well as in the field of image technology.

The scope of the Beijing Conference covers: principles and techniques of quantitative characterization and determination of three-dimensional structures and their morphology, with applications in biology, medicine, materials science and engineering, remote sensoring, computer tomography, image technology, as well as computer modeling and image-related simulations. The conference pays more emphasis not only on stereology in its classical sense, but also on its new trends with extended applications in various scientific fields.

The congress is open to all people in any disciplines of science, technology, and engineering.

A. Advances in Stereology Theories, Methodology, Techniques, and Application Tactics
B. Application of Stereology, Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Computer Visualization in Materials Science, Bio-Medical and Related Scientific fields
C. Advances in Image Analysis and Processing Techniques, Image Measurement, Related Instruments and Software Development, and User Experiences
D. Related Theoretical, Experimental and Application Studies in Biology, Medicine, Materials Science and Metallurgy, Surface Science and Engineering
E. Computerized Tomography Theories and applications: Medical CT/MRI/PET/SPECT, Industrial CT, Geo-Tomography and 3D Imaging
F. Computer-Aided 3-D Imaging and Modeling, Image-Related Computer Simulation, Virtual Reality, and Their Applications in Various Scientific Fields
G. Metallography, Microanalysis, Quantitative Fractography and Images-Based Studies
H. Image Acquisition, Transformation and Processing, and Other Related Topics

The 11th International Congress for Stereology - Beijing Conference will be held in Beijing, China, November 4-8, 2003. Beijing, the capital of China and one of the biggest cities in the world, the cultural, economic, political, educational and transportation center of China. It is well known for its historical relics and scenic spots (, such as Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Heaven Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Tian-An-Men Square, Beijing Botanical Garden, to name a few. More than 70 universities and more than 500 research institutes in various disciplines such as science, technology and humanities locate in Beijing. Hundreds of international conferences and events are held here every year. Especially, Beijing is preparing to host the 2008 Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Beijing Conference of the 11th International Congress for Stereology is also a possible great reuniting event for those interested both in stereology, image technology, and in Beijing-China.

The conference will include plenary lectures, poster presentations and free communications.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference program and available at the conference site. After the peer review process at the conference, selected papers in English will be published in ISS's official journal 'Image Analysis and Stereology' and/or CSS's official journal 'Chinese Journal of Stereology and Image analysis'.

ABSTRACT AND FULL-LENGTH PAPER SUBMISSION Submission of electronic version of abstract and full-length paper by email is allowed. Manuscripts should be stored in text files with clearly identifiable file names. The type format is the same as the articles published in Image Analysis and Stereology for English contributions, while the type format is the same as the articles published in Chinese Journal of Stereology and Image analysis for Chinese contributions. MS word is the most preferable at the present moment.

Submissions in English should be sent to
Professor Guoquan LIU,
e-mail: and

Submissions in Chinese should be sent to
Professor Dewen WANG,

Deadline date for Abstract: August 31, 2003;
Deadline date for full-length paper: September 30, 2003
Registration Date: Before July 30 (late-registration fee may be charged for registration later than this date)

Professor Guoquan LIU
Professor Zhensheng ZHANG
First contact by email is preferred. Once you are on our email list, you would be more ready to receive further details information about the conference.

XI ICS-Beijing
November 4-8, 2003 Beijing, China

Mrs. Mr. Prof. Dr. M.Sc. or M.Eng. Student
First Name:
Family Name:
Address for correspondence:
Zip code and town:
Fax number:
I am interested in taking part in the conference:
I plan to submit presentation(s) under the preliminary title:
Please, send me next circulars and related information
I am ISS member or CSS member

12th International Workshop on Stereology, Stochastic Geometry and Related Fields

Will be held in Prague, Czech Republic
August 25-29, 2003.

Modern Methods for Quantitative Metallography

November 5-6, 2003 .

Download First Announcement for further information (.pdf file)

9th European Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis

Will be held in Zakopane, Poland (main city of the Polish Tatra mountains, 100km from Cracow) May 10-13, 2005.

For further information contact:
Dr. Leszek Wojnar
President, Polish Society for Stereology,
Institute of Materials Science,
Cracow University of Technology,
A1. Jana Pawla 11 37,
31-864 Cracow
phone: (4812) 648 0170
fax: (4812) 413 9657





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